Free Continuing Education for Pharmacy Technicians
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Free Continuing Education for Pharmacy Technicians

If you are a pharmacy technician, then you know that you must stay up to date and current with the amount of continuing education credits you have in order to get re-certified as a technician. But who says you have to pay for those continuing education credits? Many places will charge you for continuing education but there are lots of free resources available to you. Why pay when you can get your continuing education to stay certified for absolutely free?

All of the sources below offer free continuing education. Some of the sources offer both free continuing education and continuing education they charge a fee for. Only take the free classes and make sure to keep up with how many credits you have to make sure you have the correct amount for recertification.

Pharmacy boards do not care if you paid for your continuing education, they only care if you’ve completed enough hours of continuing education and you have the certificates or the numbers on the certificate’s to show for it. Remember also that you must complete one hour of law in continuing education for pharmacy so be sure to always watch for free continuing education that would count towards the law requirement. Here is a listing of free resources to get free continuing education if you are a pharmacy technician or a pharmacist:

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